Color Me


Jacques Julien
Color Me
Paris, Semiose, 2016
14,7 x 21 cm
24 p.
Impressão em offset
ISBN: 978-2-915199-92-5

Knock knock, spirit are you there? A wave of magic wand and the objects drawn by the sculptor Jacques Julien come to life, building a pyramid, forming puppets and turning themselves in every possible direction. Fortified by their perfectly assured artistic sensibility, they come together and split apart, balancing precariously or as stable as a well oiled machine, a mechanical ballet or mayhem on the move. Difference and repetition, repetition and difference, over and over, until the final tumble, crash, bang, wallop!

Jacques’ album starts as a construction kit, continues as a gallery of caricatures and ends up in the form of a coloring book. No time to lose! Let’s get down to work!


Cunt Coloring Book


Tee Corinne
Cunt Coloring Book
San Francisco, Last Gasp, 2012
15,2 x 22,9 cm
32 p.
ISBN: 978-0867193718

Vulvas para colorir, usado originalmente para aulas de educação sexual.

Livro de colorir – retrospectiva 2015


Marilá Dardot
Livro de colorir – retrospectiva 2015
São Paulo, Ikrek Edições, 2016
32 x 21 cm
160 páginas
500 exemplares numerados
ISBN 9788567769073

A artista atua em entrelinhas da literatura, do texto. Trabalha com a palavra e o tempo. No Livro de colorir, dá ao leitor desenhos a partir de fotos trágicas de periódicos.