Libro n°2, 1972


Mirtha Dermisache
Libro n°2, 1972

Praga, Florent Fajole, 2008.
Impresso em offset
23,5 x 28 cm
72 p.
ISBN: 978-2-917824-01-6

The graphic practice of Mirtha Dermisache (Buenos Aires, 1940-2012) belong in the space between writing and the visual arts. Roland Barthes has included it in his theory of the “Text” and put her in the section of the “unreadable writings.”




Ulises Carrión
Geneva: Boabooks, 2016
Offset, pb
24 p.
20 x 23,5 cm
ISBN 978-2-940409-96-9

rrr reproduces typewritten pages, written by Ulises Carrión in 1972. In his early linguistic exercises, Ulises Carrión played with the notion of learning by sounds and poetry. By creating his own onomatopoeia and sequences of repetition, he expresses his playful attitude towards poetry.

the drum


Ulises Carrión
the drum
Geneva, Boabooks, 2016
brochura, 24 p.
10,5 x 14,4 cm
ISBN 978-2-940409-97-6

the drum

The drum is one of Ulises Carrión’s early linguistic exercises in English, originally handwritten in black ink in 1972. The artist fragments the names of musical instruments to express a sound. His attitude to poetry precluded, to a certain extent, his book The new art of making books: “The text of a book in the new art can be a novel as well as a single word, sonnets as well as jokes, love letters as well as weather reports.”